Santo Fire & EMS currently has over 25 volunteers from all walks of life and levels of training. EMS training levels vary from Emergency Care Attendant (ECA) to Paramedic (EMT-P).  Fire training levels vary from SFFMA Intro to full commissioned firefighters.  Many members have specialty training in such fields as wildland, vehicle extrication, incident command, and hazardous materials.

Our membership is 100% volunteer and responds to calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year no matter the emergency.

1311 Randy Baker  FF

1312 Kody Acuff  FF/EMT-B

1313 Jenna Acuff Support

1314 Logan Loftin  FF/EMT-I

1315 Kristina Duncan SrFF/EMT-I

1316 Sharon Loftin FF/EMT-P

1324 John Whitley FF/EMT-B

1326 Mark Smith FF

1329 Carey McAliley FF/ECA

1331 Stephen Tanner FF/EMT-B

1332 Terrie Henderson FF

1333 Reggie Alder FF

1335 Mike Duncan FF/EMT-B

1336 John Stegall FF/EMT-B

1338 Zak Sparks FF

1339 Kaysi Mulkey Support

1340 Nick Duncan FF/EMT-I

1341 Crystal Feldman FF/EMT-I

1342 Charlotte Tanner FF/EMT-B

1343 Jennifer Johnson FF

1344 Josh Johnson FF

1347 James Johnson FF/EMT-B/CHAP

1348 Jake Johnson FF

1353 Seth Jacobson FF/EMT-B

1355 Nell Reed Support

1356 Jonathan Crowe FF

1357 Brett Wright FF

1358 Monica Brown FF/ECA

1360 Nathan Molder FF/EMT-I

1369 Matt Feldman FF/EMT-P

1377 Cristina Chance FF/EMT-B